Moto2 also thrilled everyone with a spectacular finish

The second category of the World Motorcycle Championship, Moto2, also carried out his second date of the 2021 season. At the Losail circuit, the most important pilots in the world prepared to take the start of a Grand Prix that was going to be unpredictable due to weather conditions and the tremendous parity existing in the category

Sam lowes he had won the first date with an abysmal difference. This weekend, the Briton wanted to have the right times again to stay with the victory and that’s how it was. The 30-year-old pilot, who is one of the candidates to climb MotoGP the next season he took his second first place of the year and comfortably leads the Moto2 championship.

Lowes won the duel his most staunch rival, Remy gardner. As on the first date, Gardner stuck to Lowes’ tail and tried everything to win first place. However, the top speed of the winner was one of the strengths to be able to maintain the privileged position throughout the race. Both drivers fought until the last corner, but Lowes was the winner.

A small driving error prevented Gardner from winning the final corner of the race. The one of KTM He was the most verbose during the running of the laps, but when he reached the definition, his bike did not want to stay stable, causing Lowes to slowly move away with the running of the meters in the final stretch of the race.

Moto2 championship status

The first places in the Moto2 championship are still as they were. The first place in the classification is held by Sam Lowes, who with his second victory reaches 50 points, an ideal score. The second place in the table goes to Remy Gardner, who will be looking to fight throughout the year. The top three closes it Raul Fernandez, with 27 points.

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