Mouctar Diakhaby told what was the racist insult he received in front of Cádiz

“Hello, I want to talk about what happened in Cadiz on Sunday. In Cádiz there was a play where a player insults me and the words were ‘black shit’, that the player tells me that is intolerable “, he assured Mouctar Diakhaby who uploaded the video on his networks with a forceful phrase: “Black shit.” And he added: “With my teammates we decided to go to the locker room, and then a player of theirs came up to tell us that if Cala apologized we would go back to the field.”

The reprehensible act had occurred this weekend in the duel corresponding to the date 29 of LaLiga Santander between Cádiz and Valencia. The match, which ended with the victory of the local team over the Che team, was suspended for 10 minutes after the insult that the Spanish Juan Cala would have caused the defender.

The Frenchman had accused a rival of making a racist comment and protested to the referees. The judges explained that they had not heard anything and, after an argument, the footballer along with the rest of his teammates left the playing field. The match resumed a while later, as both teams decided to return to the pitch. However, Diakhaby stayed in the locker room, being replaced by Hugo Guillamón.

Valencia “will go to the end”

The club had stated on Monday that it will go “to the end.” In defense of Mouctar Diakhaby after his teammates left the field on Sunday in solidarity with the Frenchman, who claimed to have received insults from a rival. «Let no one have the slightest doubt that the Valencia He is going to go to the end to defend Diakhaby and fight so that these unfortunate events are never repeated, ”said the Valencian president, Anil Murthy, in a video posted on the official site.

The entire Valencia squad together with the members of the coaching staff supported Diakhaby posing this Monday against racism on the grass of the training ground of the Valencia with outstretched arm and open hand as a sign of “Stop racism!”. Undoubtedly, it is the way to go to end sports violence.

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