Mr Knightowl is dead, Chicano Rap artist – cause of death – Knightowl passed away

Knightowl (sometimes referred to as Mr. Knightowl) is a Chicano rap artist. He started recording in 1993. His fame comes from the hit singles Daddy I’m In Love With a Gangsta and Here Comes The Knightowl.

He signed with Columbia Records, but soon decided to start his own label, calling it “Sawed Off Records”. His own label gave him the artistic freedom to do what he wanted. The first artist he brought was Mr. Shadow.

In 1994, Ruthless Records founder and NWA member Eazy-E intended to sign South San Diego’s Knightowl, DJ Mikeski and Mr. Lil One as a weapon against DeathRow Records, Suge Knight and Dr. Dre. This did not happen due to Eazy-E’s sudden death.

Knightowl is one of the biggest names in Chicano rap, having worked with famous artists throughout his career: Big Syke, Daz Dillinger, Kid Frost, Eazy-E, Lil Rob, Mr Criminal and David Salas.

Knightowl raps in CalΓ³ (Chicano) and Spanglish, although English is the most prominent language of his rap. In 2000, Knightowl formed the duo “Mr. Lil’ One” to release The Little & The Owl album for the Hollow-point partnership. He is considered one of the top gang rappers on the West Coast. In 2004 he changed his name to Mr Knightowl.

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