Is Mr Maker dead really? CBeebies star Phil Gallagher caught in death hoax

Rumours have been circulating on the internet that popular BBC children’s presenter Phil Gallagher aka Mr Maker has died. TikTok and Twitter fueled the rumors, but we can confirm this is a hoax.

Phil Gallagher is a British TV presenter known for his CBeebies arts and crafts show Mister Maker, his role as Mr Liker Biker in Grandpa in My Pocket and his Famous for his appearances in .

His signature style is that he wears a speckled tank top and pointy hair, but due to his recent appearance as MIA on the TV stage, many fear he has passed away.

Is Mr. Mark dead?

No, Mr. Maker is not dead. Phil Gallagher is confirmed to be alive by recently posting his Instagram profile and being active on his social network.

In a previous post, Mr. Maker urged his community and fans to stay safe during the pandemic, including an old photo from the show. Phil was also interviewed at his quarantined home.

How did the PHIL GALLAGHER scam start?

The confusion came when fans mistook host Phil Gallagher for another host, Max Pete.

On April 7, 2008, BBC Children’s TV presenter Mark Speight was found hanged with shoelaces at Paddington Railway Station.

He died shortly after he was arrested on suspicion of murdering his fiancée Natasha Collins. Natasha was found dead in the bathtub with burns and cocaine in her system, as well as sleeping pills and vodka.

Since both Mark and Phil work in the same field, people can get confused. So, unfortunately, Mr. Meck has fallen into a death scam!