Mt tahoma high school shooting today news, active shooter now

Officers have cleared the school, no one with a handgun was located. Mt. Tahoma is going into modified lockdown. Multiple officers are on scene at Mt. Tahoma High School for reports of a student seen with a firearm in a bathroom. No reports of shots fired, or anyone injured at this time. The school is in lockdown. Students are not being released from school during lockdown.

Mount Tahoma opened near South Tacoma in 1961. This is the original Native American name for Mount Rainier. Built by a California contractor in the 1960s, the school was not well suited to students in Washington. The original school layout consisted of three open courtyards and a college-style open campus. Students often carry coats or umbrellas from class to class. 2004 was the student’s final year living in the original Mount Tahoma building. Students and staff moved into new buildings better suited to Pacific Northwest weather.