Murad Merali feet video leaked on tiktok and twitter – arabmasterboy

Podcast host and YouTuber Murad Merali, known for his “daily consistent” Love Island content and interviews with Islanders, has seen allegations and old videos surfaced that seem to indicate his foray into extreme fetish content, which The content is about feet and “race”.

“The Race Game” is an extreme fetish involving two people who agree to use racial slurs and derogatory comments in their sexuality. After all the allegations surfaced and his name went viral on Twitter, Murad Merali has now uploaded a video on YouTube in which he talks about his past. But what was he charged with and where did it all come from? Below is a summary of all the allegations made by Murad Merali against his past fetish videos.

How did this all come to light?

For those unaware, Murad Merali is a YouTuber with nearly 300,000 subscribers — known for his “explosive” interviews with former Islanders. Especially in recent years, his popularity has soared, and he even hosted a Love Island event in London for the season premiere and final night. Among his friends are islanders such as Amber Gill and Kaz Kamwi.

Earlier this week, Murad came under fire for claiming he coined and promoted the term “Love Island Bay bee” that Liam said when he left the villa earlier this year. ITV praised Liam, and Murad wasn’t happy about it. Some on Twitter accused Murad of trying to claim it, and then one account responded that “he could always go back to his job” and posted a video of what Murad appears to be giving The other man slapped in the face. Feet in oral fetish video. It’s too graphic to embed this article, but the link is here.

What is the actual charge? What’s going on in the video?

The allegations allege that Murad Merali was behind a deactivated account named “Arabmasterboy” on various websites. The accounts posted images and videos of extreme foot fetish content and matches in which Murad allegedly insulted people of other races, such as B. derogatory terms for Chinese and the use of the N-word and “monkey.” A picture of it (NSFW) can be seen here.

The full Twitter thread of all allegations is below – these videos and screenshots are full of extremely racist slurs and NSFW content, so proceed with caution.

Murad Merali posted a YouTube video in which he claimed responsibility for some of the allegations in the fetish video, but denied others. Murad said: “First of all, the content was not written by me, the highly derogatory comments were not written by me, and I will support them – I am not. Also, some of the content is not mine, and I sincerely apologize for that, I take full responsibility for how this happened and how everyone felt about this content. Part of it was me, not now, not recently, in the last five or six years, not now.”