My Hero Academia anime explains what Hawks’ goal is

Although the training of Class 1-A and 1-B will be the highlight of this beginning of the fifth season of My Hero Academia, its first episodes developed the plot beyond the AU students, showing the backstage movements after the battle of Endeavor and Hawks against the High-End Nomu.


So, after many fans were taken by surprise with the encounter between Hawks and Dabi, episode 90 clarified that Hawks is actually working as a double agent infiltrating the League of Villains. This decision was taken at a meeting with the Public Security Commission, which showed even more concern about the League’s actions.

As explained by the President of the Commission, after analyzing the events of the Kamino Incident, it became clear that the situation has become so dangerous due to the lack of information about the villains’ plans and especially in relation to the Nomus. Therefore, taking into account the spying skills of Hawks, they chose him for this mission.

Initially, Hero # 2 doesn’t seem very comfortable with the situation, as this infiltration also implies that he will need to turn a blind eye to the victims of the League. However, when questioning again whether this is really necessary, Hawks accepts his role, stating that if necessary he will get his hands dirty so that everyone can live well.

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