Mystery solved! They reveal the truth the incredible “Meteorite in Cancun”

UNITED STATES.- A great commotion was generated in social networks when Internet users began to share video about the sighting of strange lights in Quintana Roo, Mexico on April 11, 2021. Many people assured that it was a burning ship and the “Meteorite on Cancun”Was a trend, but the National Weather Service of the Tampa Bay Area, Florida revealed that it was the asteroid 2021 GW4.

This phenomenon could be observed in the Mexican Caribbean but several users assure that it could be seen elsewhere. Until that moment the authorities did not give further explanations and quickly “Meteorite in Cancun” was placed among the trends with a large number of photos and videos of the event that even threw up theories about the UFO sighting.

The “fireball” could also be seen in Florida, United States at approximately 10:15 pm. “Did you see a meteor tonight? We have received some reports about one that could be seen from southwest Florida, “wrote the National Weather Service of the Tampa Bay Area in its official account of Twitter. Thus, with recordings and security videos the amazing phenomenon was shown.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that NASA refers that an asteroid is a small rocky object that orbits around the sun, while a meteor is what happens when a small part of an asteroid or comet enters the Earth’s atmosphere. and burns, creating a ray of light. Given this, the astonishment on the internet continues and the diverse material continues to circulate through social networks.

Source: Astronomical Society of the Caribbean on Twitter.

In this sense, the meteorologist Zach Covey assured on his Twitter account that the meteorite in question it was the “2021 GW4”. But on the contrary, the astronomer of the Astrophysical Observatory, Jonathan McDowell, shared on his social networks that the phenomenon that was sighted in Florida had nothing to do with GW4, so the disagreement continues to await official information. .

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