Mystery solved! This is how long a day lasts on Venus

UNITED STATES.- To the amazement of the lovers of the astronomy Incredible facts have been revealed about Venus. This thanks to a research team from the University of California. In this way, the length of a day on this planet, the inclination of its axis and the size of its core were revealed. Therefore, it was emphasized that these achievements were materialized by the rebounding of radas exerted on its surface for 15 years.

In this context, the study has been published in the popular astronomy magazine “Nature”. So it was specified that a day on Venus lasts 243.0226 Earth days. This is equivalent to two thirds of a year and it was added that the rotation of the planet is constantly changing, which will change the values ​​of the measurements. Said differences are considered to be approximately 20 minutes between the measured value, the previous one and the next one.

“Venus is our sister planet, and yet these fundamental properties were still unknown,” said Jean-Luc Margot, professor of earth science and director of the research. Likewise, it was explained that the planet tilts 2.6392 degrees; the Earth makes it about 23 degrees. Meanwhile, the core is around 3,500 kilometers in diameter and has been revealed to be similar to our planet’s. But it has not been possible to know if it is solid or liquid.

In this sense, the specialists said that both the Earth and Venus have qualities that make them similar. The two planets are about the same size, mass, and density. But it was noted that both evolved differently, despite the fact that both have rocky surfaces. Without a doubt, an amazing find for those who love everything related to the astronomy.

“Most of the time, we get some data. But it’s unusual for us to get all the data that we hope to get, ”Margot said. On the other hand, it was reported that research continues to learn more about Venus. In addition, it was anticipated that its next object would be the moons of Jupiter: Europa and Ganymede, so it will be a matter of time before they reveal shocking data.

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