Mystery solved! This is what a NASA astronaut makes

UNITED STATES.- How many times have we not heard that the dream of infants and adults is not to be astronaut? Thousands of people apply for this amazing position at the POT, but only a few get to realize the dream. And of course they live on something, and the salary they earn It is as incredible as what they do, so we will tell you about how their salary is calculated.

The portal details that there are two salary ranges for astronauts and this depends on their origin: civil or military. These categories are determined by the General Program (GS) that predominates for US workers and specifically in employees in professional positions, as well as technical, administrative or clerical people.

There are 15 degrees ranging from GS-1 to GS-15 and it was reported that in 2018, those who were as civilian astronauts in the POT, was located in a range between GS-11 and GS-14. Plus, salaries start at just over $ 66,000 a year. For their part, the most experienced astronauts can earn a salary of no less than $ 144,566 a year.

Meanwhile, for military astronauts, their salary is based on their service status, that is, a colonel or captain after eight years of service would receive $ 8,30 a month or $ 96,360 a year. “Ten years of service generate a salary of $ 8,073 a month, or $ 96,876 a year, while 20 years increase the salary to $ 10,295 a month, or $ 123,540 a year. With the rank of brigadier general, astronauts are commissioned with a pay grade O-7 ”, reveals the Chron portal.

Likewise, it was specified that “after 10 years of active service, the salary increases to 10,212 dollars a month, or 112,544 dollars a year. With 20 years of service, the military pay is 12,591 dollars a month or 151,092 dollars a year ”. Finally, it was detailed that in addition to their salary, the astronauts receive bonuses and benefits such as medical insurance and housing assistance. “The probability of being selected for the program is about 0.7 percent,” said Col. Tim Creamer, a retired astronaut from the POT.

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