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A TikTok star has warned other young women after claiming a man posing as a “sugar daddy” secretly recorded her explicit footage in an attempt to cheat.

Brisbane food blogger Anne Knight has shared her story in the hope that others won’t fall victim to her scammer, who allegedly sent her fake payment receipts during a video call, leaving her naked.

The unidentified man, who described himself as a wealthy Sydney native, asked to speak on Snapchat and said he would pay her to call her.

Ms Knight – who also sells nude videos and photos of herself on the OnlyF account – explained that he asked her to try on dresses and underwear before being asked to strip naked. “Then he asked me to touch myself and I said no… He kept trying to say something else and I said, ‘Look, this is not going to happen, the answer is no,'” she said in a TikTok clip.

“Then he’d say, ‘Okay, what if I told you I was recording this? What if I told you that the receipt (payment) I sent you was fake?

“If you don’t want it to come out, just do as I say,” the man continued.

Ms Knight said she hung up immediately and blocked him on her social media accounts.

Ms Knight told Daily Mail Australia she wasn’t concerned about the footage, given her current OnlyF deal.

What she really cares about are people who are not in her situation and who may end up being shamed online.