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Many Twitch streamers have made their fortunes through OnlyFans over the years, but separating the two professions can present some challenges, given the Amazon-owned platform’s rules generally prohibit the promotion of such content.

We’ve seen Twitch streamers like Alinity earn more from OnlyFans in just a few months than they’ve earned from streaming over the years, and a big reason for this is their existing followers on non-adult sites Base.

While Twitch prohibits streamers from advertising their OF accounts, they also don’t allow soliciting sexually suggestive services — something Lilylaness inadvertently did by featuring her OnlyFans’ menu offerings.

During the Aug. 15 stream, Lilylaness was chatting on Twitch when her less secure OnlyFans option popped up on the stream.

These options appear to be similar to the Vortex Donation option, in which the streamer will perform jackpots, squats, or change outfits when tips reach a certain amount, but are more sexual in nature.

For her part, Lilylaness quickly deleted the text from her broadcast and appeared distraught when the menu came up, but that didn’t stop Twitch from banning her.

Twitch’s Community Guidelines state: “Users are prohibited from sending, uploading, soliciting, offering, and linking to pornographic or sexually explicit content, and from offering or soliciting sexual content for money, services, or anything of value.”

So far, the OnlyFans model hasn’t dealt with the ban, but it doesn’t appear to be permanent, as her channel says the account is only “temporarily unavailable.”