Naim Darrechi tiktoker leaked onlyf videos and photos on twitter and reddit

Tiktoker Naim Darrechi has been trending on Twitter in recent hours after sexually explicit images and videos were leaked.

The Mallorcan from TikTok Naim Darrechi is once again a trend on Twitter, although this time it is not because some of his frequent outbursts have cost him so much controversy.

On the occasion, a series of images and videos of s3xually explicit content of the influencer went viral on the social network. Unlike other social networks like Instagram, Twitter has a more lenient policy on pornography, and although all images have been removed, they remain on the Weibo network long enough that they can be viewed (and saved) for a while at the same time. weather. from the people.

This content belongs to Darrechi’s Only F account. A platform where users, including various celebrities, post pornographic content in exchange for subscriptions.

For her part, the influencer has not yet commented on the matter. Although he hasn’t posted on TikTok for several days, on Instagram he continues with his usual activities and even promotes his Only F account through Stories.