Who is Nanda Alfi di spedisco in convento instagram? photos and videos leaked onlyfans reddit

Nanda Alfì is one of the very young protagonists in You send in the conven, which will be broadcast in 2022 in real-time format. Let’s find out about the show’s very young competitor and her private life through some curiosity.

Born in 2002 and originally from Gallarate (date of birth unknown), Nanda Alfì graduated from the language high school in her town and attended IULM University. In 2022, she was selected as a participant in the monastery Ti sped. She loves nightlife, nightclubs and has gained popularity on social media by posting about her lifestyle via Facebook, Telegram, TikTok and Onlyfans. During your participation in Kloster 2’s Ti spedisco, you meet Chiara Nutaj and other participants of the show. Nanda Alfì sparked a storm on social media when he said “100,000 followers is worth more than a deal” on his real-time show. She later explained in a video on TikTok:

“I want to remind you that I’m a college student. I’m studying interpreting and translation, like languages. I’m about to graduate because next year is my third year and we want to be successful. The last two years I want to do marketing, maybe It’s a master’s degree or a future major. So, if you don’t know me, watch the show first, and don’t judge.”

Little is known about the young contestant’s private life, but she appears to be living in Gallarat (Vareze province) with her mother. She likes to dress stylishly and wear designer clothes.

She has several tattoos (including one with a snake on her wrist). She enjoys spending her holidays in Dubai and Ibiza, dancing in the fanciest nightclubs.