Natalee Holloway dead and obituary, The Whole Natalee Holloway Story

Natalee Ann Holloway still has her own page on the FBI’s website, albeit not in the “Kidnapping/Disappearance” section – unlike Kristin Smart, who has been temporarily catalogued as such since her disappearance 25 years ago. A detective, who had long suspected the man who killed Kristin in 1996, when they were both 19-year-old freshmen, was charged with her murder until April, although investigators have yet to find her body. The suspect has pleaded not guilty.

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No trace of Natalie has been found either, and her whereabouts are unknown – but her case is being searched for information and she is not missing.

Actively seeking information is exactly what Natalee’s parents have been doing for years, even though their daughter is likely to celebrate their daughter’s life on the morning of the 30th when she was supposed to board a plane back to the United States.

Joran van der Sloot, whom Natalee’s family believed was responsible for her death, is currently serving a 28-year prison sentence in Peru for the murder of Stephany Flores, who was killed five years ago until the day Natalee disappeared. But despite Joran van der Sloot Lan was detained in Aruba for several months in 2005 while police investigated, but Joran was never charged with crimes related to Natalie’s disappearance.

The two men he hung out with that night, brothers Deepak and Satish Kalpoe, were also arrested and released (with Joran in 2005 and 2007) but were never charged. They first told police they dropped Natalee at her hotel around 2 a.m.; Satish later admitted it wasn’t true that they left Natalee and Joran at the hotel. When a hotel security guard, who was also arrested in the case and briefly detained for questioning, told police that one of the brothers told him during his detention that they had left Joran and Natalie on the beach, the other version surfaced.

Whatever the circumstances, the Kalpoe brothers always believed that Natalee was alive the last time they saw her.

Jolan, meanwhile, seemed comfortable with his notoriety, made a statement about what happened that night, and backed off. “The last time I saw her, she was sitting on the beach by the sea,” he told ABC News’ Chris Cuomo after flying to New York in 2006 for an on-camera interview.

He was in the spotlight again in 2008 when the Dutch show RTL Boulevard aired a secretly taped Joran telling a man named Patrick (who worked for the show) that after he and Natalee went to the beach, they started having sex to get cramps .

“She was shaking, it was horribleā€¦ I pushed her and there was nothing,” he said in the clip. So, he added, he had a friend dispose of her body. “He went to sea and threw her out like a rag,” Jolan said.

In January 2008, when news broke that the bomb was about to go off, a spokesperson for the Aruba prosecutor’s office told NBC News: “This information could go a long way toward solving the mystery of Natalie’s disappearance, RT Boulevard previewed. The film promises: “Natalie Holloway’s mystery solved on Sunday. “

However, after the show, Joran called another Dutch show, Pauw & Witteman, and said what he told Patrick in the video was untrue. “That’s what he wanted to hear, so I told him what he wanted to hear.” Then, in an interview with Greta Van Susteren in Thailand in November, he claimed he had sold Natalee to sex slaves — but ended up Call Greta and tell her it’s a lie.

Less than two years later, Joran traveled to Peru, where he remained after he was arrested in Chile as a fugitive for the murder of Stephanie and returned to Peruvian authorities.