Natasha Perakov dead, Who was? Ukrainian Fighter Pilot Death Hoax Debunked

Natasza Perakov is the first female Ukranian fighter pilot who died defending her homeland. 🇺🇦

Natasha, you and the other heroes who fight in this war will never be forgotten…

Natasha Perakov is a popular name on social media because she is believed to be a fighter pilot from Ukraine who was recently killed in the war. As the conflict between the two neighbors Ukraine and Russia does not seem to be over, we continue to hear and see the deaths of innocent people, but at the same time there are news and events that inspire and encourage us, shining like a light of hope. In the past few days, some pictures claiming to be Natasha Perakove have been circulated on social media by netizens, find out more information about the same title, do you know if these viral pictures are of Natasha Perakove?

Who is Natasha Perakov?

Natasha Perakove’s message conveys the same feeling we get from the stories of Soul of Kyiv and Ukrainian Reaper. According to some online posts and news articles, she was the first female fighter pilot to die while serving her country. Now people don’t know if their stories are true or false, because recently many people have fallen victim to false rumors and misinformation about the war.

Is Natasha Pelakov dead or alive?

Many have tried to attract views and followers on social media by spreading fake news and rumors about familiar faces in the two countries involved in the war. Natasha Perakov has been respected and paid tribute by netizens on social media platforms, just as people paid tribute to the ghost of Kyiv and the Ukrainian god of death. According to multiple sources, she died fighting for her country against Russian troops in the war. Find out if the girl in the viral picture is the same as Natasha Perakov, or if the two have different personalities.

Natasha Pelakov death hoax

According to reports, we found that the First Lady Lieutenant of Ukraine was Nadia Savchenko, the only female pilot in the Sukhoi Su-24 and Mi-24 helicopter unit. And the lack of information about Natasha Perakov on the Internet suggests that the news may be fake news or misinformation spread by netizens. Although some major news outlets also claimed that the viral image was of a model dressed like a soldier expressing support for Ukraine during the war, this is now misunderstood by the public.