Nate Shaw dead and obituary, Nathaniel Shaw obituary – cause of death

We lost a dear friend in Nate Shaw on Friday, May 27th. He was the most sincere and faithful friend we have ever met in our lives. He is funny, caring, trusting, creative, reliable, and has all the other positive personality traits you have
As you can imagine.

He is known to live in Wisconsin to be close to his beautiful daughter Natalia. we all thought it was him The most likable person, he has it all, he does it. But that all changed with a chain of events It made him so desperate that he thought there was no way out. First, his father died of new coronary pneumonia;
Then he contracted Covid himself in January last year, costing him a job he had been looking forward to.

Especially after quitting showbiz like so many others. This led him to try to drown out his grief without professional help.

We must do more to end the stigma surrounding depression and mental illness. Nate is a trusted friend to many, including us
I can’t help but wonder why it didn’t reach any of us. Maybe he felt like he didn’t want to burden anyone, eh is the only reason I can think of. His mother, Catherine, wants us all to know that taking one’s own life is never the solution.

Now is the time to play our part. We need to help Catherine get Nate home so we can gather together to mourn
Beautiful soul, tell some uplifting stories about Nate, make us all laugh, and then let him rest next to his father.

I hope we can all donate on this Go Fund Me page to support Kathleen in Beverly for his cremation, transportation and funeral services for Nate. We also need help paying to get his belongings back Massachusetts. Any money left over from these proceeds will go to Natalia’s college fund.

Let Nate’s family pray friends or professionals. Do not self-medicate; it never helps. If you don’t think they’re happy, talk to your friends and tell them
She, you are by her side. Depression is nothing to be ashamed of.