Nathan Valencia las vegas dead and Obituary 2021 – Cause of death Nathan Tyler Valencia

Nathan Tyler Valencia has an impact on anyone he meets.

Nathan’s smile illuminated every room he walked into. I am lucky to meet Nathan and share the love and laughter of a lifetime. The love we share is different. Nathan is the kind of person who puts others above himself. Anyone who knows him can see how much he cares and loves his family, friends and myself. When I am with him, I am really my best and happiest self.

He has had an unparalleled impact not only on my life, but also on the lives of everyone else. He taught me love, strength, loyalty and true happiness. There is nothing he will not do for me, and there is nothing I will not do for him. Nathan never fails to smile. Whether he is going out with friends, at festivals, at the gym, or playing video games, his face is always full of smiles, and the whole room is radiant.

Not only is Nathan an important part of my life, he is also the son, brother and friend of many people. Nathan is an active member of UNLV’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon. He likes his chapters very much and values ​​the real connections he can make.

Nathan died on November 23, at the age of 20. Although Nathan’s body is not with us, his spirit will always exist through everyone who knows him. Nathan is too early for us, but I know we have got the best guardian angel. May Nathan rest in peace, and may his family and relatives find love and comfort during these difficult times.