National fried chicken sandwich day 2021 – Find Delish Deals

Although National Fried Chicken Day comes at the beginning of July each year, we need to look for a cooler sequel of fried chicken sandwiches in the calendar. National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day is a November holiday, and it is a totally meaningful and time-wise gourmet holiday.

We have already put on scarves, or at least lighter wraps, and the idea of ​​a spice-rich, chicken-rich meal is very attractive. Still appetizing? In fact, this classic sandwich has indeed changed in recent years.

We will not enter “the days when there were only tomatoes and mayonnaise are gone”, because many fried chicken sandwiches are still low-key and not excessive, for which we are grateful.

But if you are looking for a fashionable expression of this dish, it has many interesting ingredients and exciting toppings, you don’t have to search too far: blue cheese, caramelized onions, various nuts and various stir-fried vegetables Also made a cameo on modern fried chicken sandwiches.

But how will you celebrate this great festival of delicious delicacies on November 9th? Several locations in the area will offer discounts, including Yardbird in Beverly Center, whose Nashville Hot Yardbird sandwich is priced at $15 on National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day.

The usual price? It’s $18. Not so usual? How confusing this delicious indulgence is. A word from Yardbird? “The juicy fried chicken is coated with Carolina Grim Reaper and topped with a crunchy spicy salad-eat at your own risk!”

At Farmer Boys, look for specials on Loaded Classic Fried Chicken Sandwich or Loaded Fiery Fried Chicken Sandwich. Starting at 2 pm, both prices are $5. closure. Please keep in mind that during this transaction period, each customer of Farmer Boys is limited to two sandwiches.

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