Neslihan Güneş leaked videos and photos onlyf on twitter or reddit

Lawyers point to the racism of CHP Bolu Mayor Tanju Özcan, who announced a 10-fold increase in water and solid waste taxes to foreigners. Despite the reactions that he will not step back, the lawyer, Özcan’s statement told Yeni Şafak.

MRandom News Neslihan Güneş leaked videos and photos onlyf on twitter or reddit

Lawyer Neslihan Güneş said that Özkan’s words violated human rights and had no place in domestic and international law. Emphasizing that Özcan took such a step against the law, Güneş said, “As the general principle of equality in Article 10 of our Constitution applies to everyone, foreigners should be treated equally as Turkish citizens. It is a requirement of the state of law. Those who cause harm should file a lawsuit.”

Lawyer Eyüphan Korkmaz made the following assessment: “Tanju Özcan’s statement is clearly a crime of hate and discrimination. This is prohibited by the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish Penal Code. Humane treatment, fair administration and providing justice are the most basic ideas. Good governance is not lacking in empathy Gönül There are more than 5 million Turkish citizens abroad in total. In Germany, France, Austria, Bulgaria and Greece, we have to treat every member just as the slightest discrimination can hurt us.