Netflix effect: Formula 1 registered exorbitant numbers after the first race of the year

This Sunday began the 2021 season of the Formula 1. The fans were able to enjoy a very exciting first test and were left with the highest expectations for the next date. However, the numbers recorded by the television networks exceeded the numbers expected by all. This is due to ‘Netflix effect‘, experts say.

As confirmed by the medium SkySports, the Bahrain Grand Prix at the weekend, was the most watched race in the history of this network. In total, 1,980,000 people watched the race, in Britain alone. In addition, the Twitter account ‘MedF1osTV‘, released several numbers of the different television networks of the World.


In Germany, Formula 1 made its debut in the means of payment that country. For the first time in history, the races will have to be purchased in a separate package from the basic cable. In 2020, the audience in open channels averaged 4.5 million viewers. This weekend, the Sky chain in that country registered 1,120,000 viewers, a record for the signal.

In the Netherlands, place of residence of Max verstappen, the main protagonist of the Bahrain Grand Prix, the television channel Ziggo Sports reached a peak of 2,510,000 viewers. On the other hand, the return of Fernando Alonso to Formula 1 and the debut of Carlos Sainz in Ferrari, It was a great incentive for the Spanish public, who must pay to see Formula 1.

In Spain, this weekend’s race was the most watched since the category was broadcast privately. In addition, it was the second most watched race on the Movistar + network, behind the 2018 Spanish Grand Prix. Finally, in the United States, the Bahrain Grand Prix was seen by almost 900 thousand spectators, surpassing the record of 700 thousand from ago two years.

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