New friends ?: Charles Leclerc gave details of the relationship with Carlos Sainz

The 2020 season closed one of the most important chapters, in terms of companionship. After two seasons together and a strong friendship, Carlos Sainz abandonment McLaren, and consequently to Lando norris, going to Ferrari. The Italian team came from years in which Charles Leclerc Y Sebastian vettel they didn’t have the best of relationships. However, the good humor reached the Italians, and everything indicates that there will be a new duo to follow.

In the last hours, Leclerc spoke with Code Sports Monaco and revealed the great relationship they forged with Carlos Sainz in the few meetings and tests they had together. The Monegasque recalled the relationship he had with his different teammates and compared it to the few months he spent with the Spaniard, who is characterized by good humor and jokes with his colleagues.

Relationship with Sainz

In his words, the age of both drivers is a key factor in the great relationship they have. In addition, he hopes that what happens on the track does not affect the rest of the team and the prevailing good humor. “We are both 26 years old. We have similar interests. We get along really well and we really want to be able to fight on the track, without doing too many stupid things.

On the other hand, the Monegasque emphasized the great relationship he forged with the son of the two-time champion World Rally. “Things are going very, very well with Carlos. I don’t think I’ve spent as much time with any other teammate as I did with him. We are very motivated, “added Leclerc regarding what he expects to happen in the first races of the year.

“I’m very motivated. The team has to fight for the victories in 2021, and at least for the podiums. This gives me a lot of motivation to try to push everyone in Maranello, to work in the right direction and get back to where we want to be, which is in a winning position ”; Leclerc sentenced regarding the objectives for this year.






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