New trailer for the anime ‘Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu’ is released

Anime premieres in October.

The official web site of the anime Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu, adaptation of the sunshine novel by Keisuke Makino and Karei, posted a brand new promotional video this Thursday. The video options the opening theme track for Ali Venture’s anime “Hi no Tsuki”. See beneath:

The positioning additionally revealed that the primary two episodes will likely be aired prematurely on-line, for a payment, on September 4 and the official premiere is in October.


“The story of the original novel takes place in a fictional world, 10 years after a long war split the world into two superpowers: the Union of Republics of Zirnitra in the east and the United Kingdom of Arnak in the west. Both superpowers now test their ambitions against each other in a space race. In 1960, Premier Gergiev of the Union announces Project Mechtat (Dream), a prestigious plan to launch manned missions to the final frontier. To do so, the Union creates the isolated city of Laika 44, where cosmonaut candidates compete for planned manned missions into space and scientists develop the technology to make that happen, all in a secrecy environment. The story revolves around Lev Leps, a backup astronaut candidate, and his new partner, vampire Irina Ruminescu. As part of a bold new Operation Nosferatu, Project Mechtat will use Irina as a guinea pig for various expected conditions in space and ultimately as part of a manned mission, with Lev overseeing Irina’s training as a cosmonaut. For their own reasons, both dream of going to space.” (by way of ANN)

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