Newbury and former Chairman Christopher Spence is dead

Our thoughts are with the family and friends of long-standing supporter of Newbury and former Chairman Christopher Spence who sadly passed away earlier this week aged 84.He was a special man and great friend to many at Newbury and within the racing industry. He will be missed.

Christopher Spence, a former senior butler and owner and breeder of senior celery at the jockey club, died on Monday after a brief illness. He is 84 years old.

Spencer was also the founding director of the British Horse Racing Commission, but he enjoyed his best time in the race when he won the Gold Cup at the Royal Jockey Club in 1997, when his brother-in-law David Molly trained the weird staying behind By. Selleric was joked about victory by Pat Eddery. He tried his best to avoid hitting the front line too early until the last Furlong took the lead.Celeric has participated in seven seasons and has won the Lonsdale Stakes and Jockey Club Cup twice, the Yorkshire Cup, Sagaro Stakes and Northumberland Plate. Spence also owns Frontier Goddess. She was trained by Peter Walwyn in 1969 to win second place at Oak Park, and beat her at Yorkshire Oak Park to reverse the situation of the winner’s sleeping partner.

His emerald green and black also won the San Simeon Championship and Branford Championship by Sesame.However, Spencer has made arguably greater contributions to the car as an administrator.He was born in Clifton, near Bristol in 1937.

After serving in the National Service, he became a member of the stock exchange and then a commercial banker.His financial and organisational skills were utilised by the Jockey Club, to which he was elected in 1986, and in 1993 he was one of the founding directors of the BHB – the body that, under the guidance of senior steward Lord Hartington (now Duke of Devon), took over the governance of British racing, which is one of the most important milestones in the history of the sport.He was the first chairman of the BHB Finance Committee and effectively served as the Minister of Finance for Motorsports for one year.

From 2008 the Jockey Club took over from the Levy Committee, to 2011, Spencer was also the chairman of the national horses. During this period, the horses adopted a self-sufficiency exercise.

Over the years, he has held many other official positions within and outside the sport, including racetrack supervisor at Epsom and senior sheriff at Berkshire.His son John Nou is a racing public relations consultant. He said: “Father is a strong supporter of racing. During his tenure as a senior steward, he made a huge contribution to the sport.

“The greatest day of his racing career was when Celeric won the Gold Cup at the Royal Jockey Club. This is the dream of every owner breeder. Breeding the Gold Cup from two mares is very special for everyone. one day.

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