Now: Two men injured in New market Small shooting today

Police are looking for two suspects after the shooting in Newmarket on Friday night. The York District Police received a call to an address on Main Street South at about 7:30 pm. When they arrived, they found that one man was wounded by a gunshot and another man was wounded, which is believed not to have been caused by the shooting.

According to the police, the injuries were not life-threatening. Investigators said they were looking for the two male suspects they saw the last time they had fled the area in a black Ford Mustang. No other description was posted.

When the police arrived, they found two victims, one with gunshot wounds and the other with injuries unrelated to the shooting. The police did not immediately explain the nature of the injury to the second victim. The two men were taken to the hospital and their lives were not in danger. Police said they are looking for two suspects who fled the area in a black Ford Mustang.

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