Nia Lakshart’s pack of Tortillaland leaked photos and videos

Nira Isabel Africa, better known as Lakshart Nia, is a Spanish YouTube user who uploads games to her channel (mainly Minecraft games), video game crafts, and video blogs. It currently has more than 600,000 subscribers.

The channel was created on May 19, 2012. The first public video we could find was on January 26, 2013, but its first uploaded video was on May 20, 2012 (the video is still on YouTube at, but privately : Minecraft Pumpkins ~ ºAº). The channel name is divided into two parts. On the one hand, “Lakshart” is her name in most games for more than 6 years, inspired by the name of an anime character, on the other hand, “Nia” is her nickname, everyone knows her, she likes to be called that, which is made up of the initials of her three names.

Her name is Nira, a name of Guanche origin, she was born in Barcelona on October 31, 1993 and is 1’60 tall. The way she dresses is not distinctive, she has white skin and light green / brown eyes. Her hair is dark red, but it is dyed in various colors. Wear glasses / spectacles and sometimes contact lenses.

She has a normal height, 1’60. There is no characteristic in the way she dresses. She has fair skin and green / blue eyes. Her hair is dark brown, but it has been dyed in various colors and is very long. She wears glasses / spectacles and sometimes contact lenses. She seems like she rarely reconciles in video.

She likes animals, especially cats, she has a black cat named Lilith, a dog and another dead white cat. She is a fan of manga and anime, and has a room full of anime and manga posters. Even if she doesn’t have a video, she can still play the piano. She is addicted to watching series online, such as: Supernatural, Dexter, American Horror, etc.

Her favorite colors are rock / phosphor green (no other green), black, purple, and red. Her favorite number is 6. She likes chocolate and ice cream. Her favorite foods are three meals a day, chicken with almonds, French fries, lasagna, and Russian salad.

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