Video niakyoot viral leaked tiktok, niaky00t viral tiktok twitter – whats happened?

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A TikToker was allegedly introduced to a Los Angeles cult targeting dancers, her family claimed in a video that has now gone viral.

Miranda Derrick, whose maiden name is Wilking, has not spoken to her family since January last year, Derrick’s sister and parents claimed in a tearful Instagram video that took place in a tearful Instagram video. It went viral on the Internet and sparked numerous “conspiracy theories”.

In 2021, Derrick joined entertainment management company 7M Films, which some on TikTok calls Shekinah Church, a Pentecostal religious organization that is believed to be a cult.

Derrick’s sister, Melanie Wilking, spoke at length with parents Kelly and Dean Wilking in a video posted on February 24, in which they pleaded for Derrick’s safety and home, claiming she was being held hostage by 7M.

“You don’t have to bother us. Life goes on and a lot of exciting things are happening,” Melanie told Miranda in the video, which has more than 9,000 likes and nearly 2,000 comments. She added that the past 12 months have been “the toughest year of her life” but “we can’t share that (with Miranda).”

The Washington Post has reached out to Derrick, 7M Films and Wilkings for comment after a follow-up video released Wednesday showed tensions over the family reunion. Derek denied being involved in a “cult” but did not directly address social media “concerns.”