Niclas Kaus dead and Obituary, Algerian footballer – cause of death

Far from the magic of Christmas, double sports drama. On Saturday December 25, Algerian football entered a period of mourning. 30-year-old MC member Saïda played ASM Oran this weekend, and Sofiane Loukar received a severe blow to the head during air contact. At first glance it seems harmless, but after a few minutes, the consequences are disastrous.

After leaving the field for a while and receiving first aid, Sofiane Loukar returned to the field. After a few minutes, he collapsed. The diagnosis is safe. The shock would cause head injuries and his collapse was due to a heart attack. “We immediately checked his record at the league level. He has no contraindications to high-level football. His record is perfect,” explained Ali Malik, president of the National Amateur Rugby League, on Channel 3.

Two days ago, all of hockey Germany was shocked. Nicholas Cowes is 18 years old. He is a promising prospect for the U-20 team, defending the Third Division. In a championship game, an embarrassing confrontation with the gang took his life. Another head injury. This time, doctors facilitated a life-and-death fight that lasted for several days and confirmed the misfortune on Thursday.

His club Löwen Frankfort announced that they will suspend all operations until further notice.

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