Nicole Jones rick spears Dead and obituary, ‘Young Sheldon’

Nickole Jones is an Emmy nominated hair stylist. His work appeared in the women in “Lies and Lies” and the children of Little Sheldon. He died of cancer on March 25 in Los Angeles. She is 45 years old.

Her friend and colleague Anya Brewster, head of ESPN’s hair and makeup department, announced her death.

A touching Instagram tribute was posted on Ian Armitage’s official page, the young Sheldon and the big and small lie actors:

It is an incredible feeling to work in a place where the people around you really feel like family. The difficulty of this kind of love is when you have to say goodbye. Ian met Ms. Nickel for the first time in “Little Lies” on her first day as an actor. The children of BLL were fascinated by her flawless makeup and gorgeous nails, and responded to the fun atmosphere she created. When she came to Little Sheldon, Ian was very excited—he thought he had won the lottery.

She is very talented, but also very kind, making everything she touches more beautiful. We lost and miss everything about her very much, especially her thoughtfulness and her laughter. She left a family that meant the whole world to her, and a working family—and she meant the whole world to us. We love you, Ms. Nickel. We are happy to share the earth with you. Thank you for everything you have done for me.

Jones started her TV career in 2007 on the ½ hour news time and was named a key hair stylist on Craigslist Killerin in 2011. Next is $#*! My dad said that the defenders have no ordinary family and NCIS: Los Angeles.

In 2017, she became the main hair stylist for HBO’s Big Little Lies and the head of the hairstyling department of The Mindy Project. She has been the Young Sheldon of CBS since 2018. Recently, she was the hair stylist for the 2020 movie “Valley Girl”. She was nominated for the 2017 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Hairstyle Award in a limited drama or film category for “Lies and Lies”.

Jones’ spouse Jane survived; their four children, Rubin, Cielo, Gabriel, and Michael; her parents Cynthia and Michael; sister, Jane; brother, Kevin; and a large family.

“Nicole is a female power,” Brewster wrote. “She only accepts the best.”

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