Nikocado Avocado is dead or still alive? photos and videos leaked onlyfanas twitter and reddit

The Angels. -Nicholas Perry, better known as “Nikocado Avocado”, is a YouTube user from Ukraine. In recent years, he has become famous in the United States due to his transition from a vegan lifestyle to an unhealthy lifestyle. Incredible change … the reason? Get involved in the world of “eat and stream” videos of gluttony in front of the camera.

MRandom News Nikocado Avocado is dead or still alive? photos and videos leaked onlyfanas twitter and reddit

Nikocado went viral and became the worst reason for the social media trend, that is, in 2021 he suffered many health problems due to his obsession with food. At ABC News we tell you his story:

In 2014, he started becoming a vegetarian on the internet and shared his healthy lifestyle while sharing his violin skills.

Nicokado avocado in 2014. Photo: Instagram: nikocadoavocado_real
He moved from Ukraine to Colombia, lived there for a while and then came to the United States in 2016, where he admitted that he was no longer a vegetarian due to health problems such as vitamin deficiencies.

In the same year, he dabbled in the Korean video format “mukbang” and gradually featured extra food in his videos, which earned him hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Although he himself admitted that he was not healthy, it was too late, because YouTube is the sustenance of his life, which made him upload videos every day.

Over the years, his weight has increased rapidly, a situation that fans of his noticed and began to worry about.

In 2019, Nikocado revealed to Men’s Health that he has lost his libido and is currently suffering from erectile dysfunction due to overeating and obesity.

On September 18, 2021, he announced that he had broken three ribs in bed after sneezing and was currently having difficulty breathing, and said that he had received professional help and was taking vitamins, even though he was seen eating the same. junk food in its latest version. video.

Comments from fans of him include: “This man threw him all his life, he’s not funny at all”; “The crazy thing is that he didn’t even realize how bad he got, he was very sad”; “He’s sad, he’s also very disturbing. We actually saw a man slowly commit suicide in front of the camera.”