No mercy in mexico video twitter leaked and reddit, What is the No Mercy Mexico video controversy?

Shocking video of Mexico’s No Mercy is going viral on the internet, where father and son are brutally murdered by a Mexican cartel.

What is the No Mercy Mexico video controversy?

No mercy in mexico

A Mexican cartel murdered a father and son after discovering they were informants for an enemy cartel. The way they were murdered would leave many with some scars that would take a long time to see this. Unfortunately, without the cartels, Mexico is basically nothing, the government has no power over them, and the police are extremely corrupt.

The video was dubbed “Mexico has no mercy” after two men were tortured to death in Mexico and showed no mercy.

What is this Twitter video of no mercy in Mexico about?

A lot of people can’t digest this video. So the look of this video is not for everyone. So this is what happens in this video:

A father and son are tied up by a police gang. The father, grunting in pain, was struck several times with a stick. back. A group of people rushed towards him and started hitting him on the head. After cutting off his head, they pointed it at the screen and threw it at him. The son started to cry. Now it’s his turn. He grunted in pain as he was cut and tried to fight back, but the gang didn’t care, they cut a big hole where his heart was and he pulled it out. He pulled out all his guts and stuff.

How did the video go viral and get noticed by a wide audience?

Many people discovered this video through TikTok and Youtube Shorts. 90% of people who watched this video advised others not to watch it because it looked really good. Because of these horrific events, the video took center stage and went viral through Twitter and Reddit as “Mexican ruthlessness.”