No responsible! Zidane clarified the situation with the injury of Sergio Ramos: “it is not anyone’s fault”

The FIFA date is over, and the clubs are preparing to return to their domestic competitions. The Real Madrid He will return to LaLiga this Saturday, April 3 in his home game against Eibar, which they will have to face without their captain, Sergio Ramos. The defender was injured after the match between the Spanish National Team and Kosovo, and could be out for a month. Zidane He referred to the loss of the team leader at a press conference: «It is nobody’s fault«.

Real Madrid-Eibar

“We are happy to be racing again, it is the most important thing. We know that we are entering the final stretch and all games are important. We have 15 games left, 15 finals, and we want to go all the way starting with tomorrow’s game. It’s going to be a very intense game, it’s a rival who comes here to play to the max and we just have to think about tomorrow’s game »he said Zinedine Zidane At the press conference.

Sergio Ramos

The technical director of Real Madrid did not point out responsible for the new loss of Sergio Ramos. “No one is to blame, neither the national team nor the Real Madrid. It’s football and unfortunately things happen, this year a lot has happened and we don’t like this part of football, but they are things that happen and we have to accept it. Nobody’s fault”.

«We know the player he is, he is the captain and he wants to be there. Sergio Ramos some damage has been done and hopefully he recovers quickly. We want him to be with us always, but we have to think about all the players who are going to be there and about tomorrow’s game. I do not think further »added the coach in the previous match.

Zidane He clarified that he cannot control what happens with injuries while his players answer the calls of their respective teams. “We cannot manage what may happen to injuries. I would like to have all the players healthy, well, perfect. Soccer today demands a lot. We have ten games to go. We have to concentrate on what we lack in this League ».

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