Norma Allbritton Verdict is dead? Obituary 2021

A 35-year-old mystery split two aspects of a family and left suspicion in a small community in Texas, which may have been solved last year. On May 14, 1984, Johnnie Allbritton, a 65-year-old, popular rancher and shop owner in Leon County, was brutally shot and killed in his home.

For 35 years, there have been rumors that Johnny’s wife may have been involved, but Kelly Siegler and Johnny Bonds collaborated with the county’s Cold Justice on Oxygen. The investigators of the sheriff cooperated and carefully investigated the case and were eventually arrested.

Norma Allbritton is Johnny’s second wife, and the relationship between the couple is very unstable. According to friends and family, for seven years, Norma told Johnny and others that she had cancer. Johnny also suffered because he believed that his family was on the verge of bankruptcy, when in fact his shop made a considerable amount of money.

Sigler also pointed out that Johnny’s gun collection was partly on the floor, but it was not taken away-the bedroom was also looted, but it was not actually stolen. “If you want to steal, why not do your best?” she asked. Over the years, two anonymous messages reached the Sheriff’s Office, claiming that the murder was committed by a violent local man hired by a friend of Norma.

However, investigators listed the man as a suspect after talking to relatives of Johnny and Norma and people who were his friends. Conversations surrounding Buffalo have also been directed towards Norma. In addition to being suspected of defrauding money from Johnny, she was also accused of having an affair and allegedly known to threaten others.​​​

A local person told “Cold Justice” and Leon County investigators that he had seen Norma threaten a city police officer with a butcher knife because he gave her son Randy Klinskars a traffic Ticket.

Over the years, the children of the Albrittons from different aspects of their marriage were alienated by the accusations against Norma. Johnny’s daughter Judy Robinson (Judy Robinson) has been reinvestigating and helping bring them together to talk to the team.

She also proved Norma’s violent temper. The team confronted Norma in the town and informally interviewed her about the death of her husband. The 84-year-old woman looked weak and insisted that she had been laying flowers on her daughter’s grave when the murder occurred. Norma also claimed that she had Alzheimer’s disease, even though she did admit to stealing money from her husband’s store and lied about cancer.

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