Nutmeg, the oldest cat in the world, dead. 32 years old

A few days ago, the news came that the oldest nutmeg cat in the world was summoned to heaven.

Mr. Nutmeg, with a charming and slightly melancholic face, is about 32 years old, 144 years as a human being. Nutmeg was found in the garden of Liz and Ian’s home in Gateshead, England, in 1990. It appears that Mr. Nutmeg, who was estimated to be only 5 years old at the time, was thin, probably because he was losing too much weather.

Since the couple had no children, Nutmeg led a healthy and happy life in the love of the couple. In 2015 I had a serious illness, but I got over it. Although he is a long-lived cat, Nutmeg wakes his owner every morning to allow her to eat breakfast.

“Nutmeg is not our cat, we are the people who exist for him. This may be the secret to nutmeg longevity,” said the couple, who told Nutmeg on his 31st birthday.

However, a few days ago Nutmeg was taken to hospital due to respiratory difficulties and died of heart failure. The sadness of the couple goes beyond words.

“My heart is torn, very sad. Nutmeg is very important to us,” Liz said in her heart. “

There really seems to be a big hole in my heart. This loneliness and sadness cannot be expressed in words, but I feel that the soul of Nutmeg is with us. I took a week off after Natmeg died, but the pain did not heal. Nutmeg is really special to us. Ian made a comment.

Nutmeg’s doctor said: “In recent years, the number of long-lived cats over the age of 20 has increased. This may be due to good pet food and careful owner care. But Nutmeg is very special. I am 10 years old.” . greater than he is than yours. The patient’s older cat. Perhaps a long and happy cat student was sent to the couple. “

Nutmeg has lived for a long time and the hope he gave the cat owner is immeasurable. Mr. Nutmeg, you look a little grumpy, but very attractive. Thank you for your longevity as a cat!

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