Oden’s flashback in One Piece referred to one of Luffy’s most iconic moments

With the most recent episodes of the anime of One Piece focusing entirely on the flashback of Oden, we are following your journey now with the Pirates of Roger, who have been venturing on some islands well known by fans.

So, in episode 967, a Twitter user known as @ downterrible1 noticed that the anime included a small tribute to one of the most iconic scenes from Luffy, making Roger recreate it in an identical way.

The scene in question occurred in the very first minutes of the episode, when Oden doesn’t understand why the Log Pose points to the sky, and initially thinks it was broken. Nonetheless, Roger also points upwards, stating that their destination is heaven, in the same way that Luffy did in episode 151.

Right after that, we see them taking the Hook Chain and finally arriving at Skypiea, where Roger left the following message at the Shandora’s Belfry: “I was here. I will guide this text to the ends of the earth ”. A few years later, Luffy and his band would arrive on this island, with the message left by Roger being read by Robin.

In the continuation of the episode, we still went through Water 7, where we see Franky as a child and Tom, and finally Isle of Fish-Men, where Roger meets King Neptune and hears Shyarly’s prophecy.

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