Of collection! The photo that reveals Elton John’s fanaticism for Formula 1

Figure of Elton John It is one of the most illustrious in the history of music and world entertainment. The Briton, author of numerous hits such as ‘I’m Still Standing’, ‘Rocket Man’ or ‘Tiny Dancer’, He turned 74 years old in the last days and shared it on social networks. However, fans of the Formula 1 They noticed a particular detail that caught everyone’s attention.

In the photo shared by the British musician, it can be seen that on one of the shelves in the house there are two very famous helmets. These are autographed by two figures: Lewis hamilton and Sebastian vettel. These helmets are a few years old, as they are from the Vettel stage in Ferrari and Hamilton with the white helmet, which could be from the year 2016.

The Briton is no stranger to the world of Formula 1. In 2015 he was present at the United States Grand Prix and he was in charge of doing the interviews on the podium, in which Hamilton was present, who won, Nico Rosberg who was second and Vettel who completed the podium. On the other hand, he has a great relationship with the seven-time World Champion.


In recent days, Hamilton spoke about a strong social activism that Elton John is carrying out. The musician harshly criticized the Vatican for his rejection of the homosexual community. Following these statements, the team’s driver Mercedes came out to back him up. On his social media, Hamilton shared a post from John and wrote about it.

«I show my solidarity with Elton John and the whole community LGTBIQ +. It is unacceptable that, today, one has to face prejudice or discrimination for the person who loves, especially in the name of God, who has told us that he loves us all in the same way, “he wrote in his Instagram stories the current Formula 1 Champion.

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