Olga Carmona dad dead, the death of his father was confirmed

Olga Carmona is a Spanish heroine in the memory of the women’s world. Mark went into the semi-final against Sucia, Domingo opted for his first track title in history and commented on the tone of Vitoria’s final against Inglatra.

MRandom News Olga Carmona dad dead, the death of his father was confirmed

But now, the pre-coronavirus Alegria is a very stark contrast for her: the Royal Spanish Football League confirms her father’s downfall.

“The Spanish Football Federation deeply regrets the downfall of Father Olga Carmona. The footballer received the brazen notification that the World Cup final is over. Mandamus, our sincerest Abrazo, at a time of extreme sadness Greetings to Olga and her family.”Olga, you want to know that this is the story of Spanish football,” he said in the group’s statement.

In the second version of the media, Olga’s father overthrew the Vilnes family. With no embargo, the judge decided not to file an immediate motion after finally fighting Inglatra.

Carmona was Linda Caicedo’s teammate at Real Madrid. The girlfriend gave her all to the mother of one of her best friends, who also recently failed.

“Let’s look at the construction of the Campeonato equipment and we can be sure that some of them are the Campeonas of the world. It’s a moment, but not a bit of remorse, I think Solo brought Seremos Cuando volvamos to Spain,” he explained of the title .