One piece 1054 spoilers reddit and twitter, New Admiral Vs Straw Hats?

Ever since Oda announced the suspension, people have been paying attention to the ending of the Wano Arc. Ahead of the release of One Piece Chapter 1052, Oda said he would take a month off to “prepare for the final One Piece saga.” It is speculated that the Wonichi chapter will end in Chapter 1053 of One Piece, and then take a break and the Straw Hat will start a new journey. However, the release of the chapter suggests it is far from over. One Piece Chapter 1054 will continue the story of Wano Country. But when will One Piece Chapter 1054 come out?

New Admiral Vs Straw Hats?

Wano Country is escaping 20 years of long-term tyranny by Kaido and Orochi, and is hosting a festival. However, something was looming, and the new admiral got angry after only two chapters. Many have speculated that he is Zoro’s father, or the former daimyo of Wano Kingdom. However, it doesn’t look like it at all. He is as cold-blooded as Akainu. Chapter 1054 What will he do?

We will try to speculate in this post and possible events in the next chapter. In addition, Otaku will also introduce the release date of the new chapter of One Piece, which is Chapter 1054. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Chapter 1053 “The New Emperor” Introduction

First we see the five elders’ concerns about Luffy’s new bounty poster and the letter “D”. The news of the defeat of the two emperors spread all over the world. The three pirate captains responsible for the heist each received an extraordinary bounty of 3 billion berries. Kidd rushed to Huadu to meet Luffy. Except for the Gold Cup, all other straw hats are celebrating at Hanadu, including our new straw hat Yamato. Meanwhile, Robin is in the basement of the castle. There, she meets Hitetsu, who reveals that he has always been Kozuki Sukiyaki.

One Piece 1053 Original Scan – Bonus

She asked him about the whereabouts of the ancient weapon Hades. That’s what Ponegliff said in Alabasta, Robin pointed out. Kozuki Sukiyaki said the gun was actually working with him. Both countries spread terror over the remains of beast pirates such as kings and queens. His face was exposed, and his name was Aro Mu. He was going to take Luffy’s head. Luffy attends a party in Huadu. Kidd then arrives with murderous intent and tells Luffy that he doesn’t know what happened, but that Luffy has become the new emperor of the sea with Bucky the Joker. The current four emperors are Shanks, Blackbeard, Luffy and Bucky.

Chapter 1053 Summary

The new chapter of One Piece, Chapter 1054, I hope will also reveal the wealth of other straw hats including Yamato. The other straw hats were called the priceless new emperor when they saw Luffy’s reaction. Plus, the unexpected Buggy is also known as the new emperor. At least we wish there was a page to tell his reaction or story. It would be fun to watch more than the others. In order to get the praise of Admiral Akainu, Araki intends to kill. Many theories have been put forward about him, but hey, let’s never say never. He might actually be Zorro’s father, and he’s a villain.