One Piece Chapter 1008 introduced a new form of Kaido

With the gigantic war in Onigashima gaining ever more epic proportions, chapter 1008 of the manga of One Piece finally brought an update on how combat is going on at the top of the dome, showing that the situation of the Supernovas is not at all easy.

As many have already imagined, even with all the willingness to Luffy, the two Yonkou remain unshakable, especially now that Kaido went to its hybrid form, which after the short teaser in chapter 1003, had its full look revealed at the end of this chapter.

In this form, although Kaido remains with a humanoid appearance, he gets two new pairs of horns and even a tail, in addition to his hands looking more like claws and the scales on his left arm now cover almost his entire body.

Although this hybrid form of Kaido in action has not yet been shown, the chapter makes it clear that Zoro, Law and Kid they agree that facing Kaido and Big Mom together is like they are in hell, and to have a chance plan to try to separate them in some way.

In contrast, Luffy he doesn’t seem to care much about it, as he ends the chapter by saying: “For me, no problem. I already went and came back from hell several times !!! It is my territory !!! ”.

Recalling that the next chapter of One Piece officially arrives on April 4th.

Also check out other news from One Piece:

Recalling that the anime of One Piece can be accompanied officially in Brazil and with subtitles in Portuguese through Crunchyroll.

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