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Luffy always shines wherever he goes, and One Piece Red’s first weekend is always a hit thanks to the one-two punch of Universal Superstar Uta, but how big is it?

“One Piece: Red” had a huge opening weekend after opening on 495 screens nationwide on August 6, taking the film from 1.57 million to 2.25 billion yen ($16.63 million). It was One Piece’s largest premiere ever, Japan’s best August opening weekend, and the second-largest two-day opening weekend in Japanese history.

Movie: Red, Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba – failed to break Movie: Mugen Train’s two-day opening weekend record, which still stands at 3.3 billion yen, but JUJUTSU KAISEN 0’s 1.6 billion yen record doesn’t come clean Ground breaking what was second place at the time.

It should be noted that the “Blade of Ghosts” movies “Infernal Affairs” and “Jiujitsu Sea Battle 0” were both released on Friday, while “One Piece: Red” was released on Saturday, and the above numbers are not the numbers on the opening day. Includes Friday or midnight preview. Including those numbers, One Piece Film: Red’s first weekend fell to third place behind Mugen Train’s 4,623,117,450 yen ($43.8 million) and JUJUTSU KAISEN 0’s 2,694,128,150 yen ($23.54 million). One million U.S. dollars).

On its premiere day, “One Piece: Red” grossed more than 1.2 billion yen ($8.87 million) at the box office, making it the third film in Japanese history to earn more than 1 billion yen at the box office, partnering with “Demon Slayer” Mugen 2020 The first day of the train. It is also the second film in Japanese history (after Demon Slayer) to gross 1 billion yen at the box office for two consecutive days.

Judging from the performance of “One Piece: Red”, its box office is close to half of that of “One Piece: Strong World” in 2009, and it is expected to become the highest-grossing film in “One Piece: Z”, at 6.87 billion yen, especially That’s in the context of the upcoming Obon festival and Film:Red’s word of mouth.

Toei, which is releasing the film in Japan, said Saturday that it aims to “launch the series with the highest grossing”. They achieve this goal very well!

One Piece Movie: Red English Poster

One Piece: Red opens in Japanese theaters on August 6. Crunchyroll, which will release the film internationally in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand sometime this fall, describes the nautical musical adventure as follows:

Uta – the most popular singer in the world. Known for hiding her identity while performing, her voice has been described as “otherworldly”. Now, for the first time ever, the song will be featured in a live concert around the world. The venue was packed with fans of all kinds—excited pirates, stunned navy, and the Straw Hats led by Luffy who had just come to appreciate their clanging sound—the voice the world was waiting for. The story begins with the shocking fact that she is Shanks’ daughter.

One Piece TV anime is also a hit, with more than 1,000 episodes of the series on Crunchyroll, with new episodes launching immediately after airing in Japan.