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After shocking fans with some unexpected developments in the final chapters, One Punch Man has shifted gears again to deliver one of the best chapters in the franchise’s history. Everything readers expected from the final showdown of Saitama and Wolfdog was thrown out the window, leaving a fresh perspective on the series’ protagonists, and the overall acceleration of the story’s progression that even die-hard fans would thoroughly enjoy, which was unexpected. of.

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One Punch Man is a unique comic because many readers already know where the story is going. The digital manga, drawn by Yusuke Murata, is actually a remake of Eclectic Manga One’s original webcomic, and now provides the story for Murata’s beautiful art. The webcomic has mostly been shelved, but the digital comic adaptation still hasn’t caught up to it, and one has mostly stayed true to the original. There have been subtle changes to the plot and characters, but for the most part, webcomic readers — and those who aren’t afraid of spoilers — know what to expect, at least until now. From Chapter 164 onwards, the digital comics are completely detached from the webcomic story, which is the best thing that could have happened to the series.

Episode 166 begins with the wolf king – a former hero hunter endowed with incredible power by God – confronting the assembled S-class heroes. Saitama is blown away by a werewolf attack at the end of chapter 165, so readers expect a confrontation between a werewolf and an S-class hero (as happens in the webtoon), and then Saitama appears as casually as usual and ends To fight, effortlessly. Instead, the 1st-tier S-class hero Blast (who has been a complete mystery even in the webcomic) shows up and tries to stop Garou, until Genos (aka Demon Cyborg) joins the fray and is mercilessly killed by Garou. Saitama arrives just in time to witness the death of his student and closest friend, and for the first time in the manga, he gets serious.

This chapter is a landmark entry for many reasons. First, it’s absolutely clear that comics are going in a different direction than webcomics. This means fans can see the progression or resolution of a storyline that has been teased over the years, including the mystery behind the explosion, God, and possibly even the secret of Saitama’s power. It’s not just a matter of plot, though: this chapter is also far from the tried-and-true formula of One Punch Man. Saitama is showing his affection for the first time ever. He’s usually ignorant and has little interest in what’s going on, but Genos’ death has shaken him so thoroughly that he suspects even he has the air of a hero. As Saitama fans know and love, never doubt yourself or overthink it, which means this marks the first major development in the character’s history.