One Punch Man New Chapter 168 and 169 leaked reddit (update 213)

Despite being the strongest character in One Punch Man, Saitama rarely gets a chance to really use his skills, as most villains in the series die before the bald hero can use his full power. However, the latest development in the manga finally pits Saitama against an opponent he can go all out for. In fact, he’s already used one of his killer moves — and he’s going to use two more in Chapter 165.

MRandom News One Punch Man New Chapter 168 and 169 leaked reddit (update 213)

Garro is undoubtedly one of the most resilient and enduring characters in One Punch Man. He has survived countless life-and-death battles and always gets stronger. His recent transformation has given him divine powers, making him a stronger punching bag and a better imitator. Garo’s cosmic fear mode makes his body strong enough to withstand Saitama’s killer punch, while also allowing him to replicate the technique.

The impact between the two ultimate punches was so strong that even the gust of wind could not stop it. His companions had to step in and shoot the two Earthlings on one of Jupiter’s moons. Realizing that they were far from Earth, Saitama finally got his wish to fight in full force, although he wasn’t particularly excited. He was more worried about Genos’ core, and more worried about defeating Garro in earnest. So, he held the core with one hand and attacked with the other.

Garo certainly doesn’t take Saitama’s fist while prone, using the technique he copied from Blast along with his nuclear attack. Interestingly, it turns out Saitama can grab the warp gates, allowing the bald hero to move them wherever he wants. This resulted in Garo upping his attack to a 3D level, but Saitama also came up with a combo of the same level. The first of these attacks is Killer Move: Serious Series, Serious Table Flip – Saitama attacks by sticking his hands into the ground and flipping.

Saitama’s severe table-turning shattered the lunar crust and sent the debris into the moon’s atmosphere, after which he used the floating debris as props to build speed and momentum. It also became the basis for the bald hero’s next trump card, the all-around punch. Saitama created countless afterimages to attack in all directions, and Garo tried to escape through the warp gate – but Bald Cape caught up with him and sent him through the space debris.

Garo’s recent transformation has multiplied his fighting abilities, but also turned him into a perfect punching bag. He was able to take and survive Saitama’s killer punch, allowing the latter to show off his skills. One Punch Man has only revealed three of Saitama’s killer moves: The Serious Series, how many other Serious Series moves he’s been hiding — and whether there are other killer moves in the series.