Teams 障害 Twitter, operation failed with unexpected error. – whats happened to teams 障害 今日?

At midnight on July 18, there was a widespread outage in Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Online services. This is due to a router failure.

The severity of the vulnerability is unknown, but thousands of Microsoft 365 users have complained on social media and bug tracking sites. Most of the hurdles this time seem to be centered in the northeastern United States.

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operation failed with unexpected error

“We are investigating user access and degradation issues when using Exchange Online services and,” Microsoft said at the time of the vulnerability, notifying Outlook administrators of EX401976 and OL401977. I tell them to use .

After that, “we confirmed that some of our network infrastructure was operating below acceptable performance. We bypassed the connection to the backup infrastructure and confirmed that the issue was resolved.”

Microsoft 365 also had a bug last time in late June that affected Microsoft Teams and Exchange Online.

Microsoft also acknowledged that Microsoft 365 customers may not be able to access certain features on the portal or updates to their service health status page.

“Users may not be able to access or use services or features. We are reviewing diagnostic information and support case data to understand the cause and develop a resolution,” Microsoft explained.

“We are investigating a potential issue and reviewing the impact to your organization. We will provide you with an update within 30 minutes.”

In June, another Microsoft 365 outage affected customers around the world trying to access Microsoft Teams and Exchange Online.

Redmond addresses this issue by redirecting traffic to an alternative, healthy traffic management infrastructure and restoring service access and functionality through targeted infrastructure restarts.

Update 7/1/12:38 ET: Microsoft says it has fixed the issue that caused this outage.

“We identified a portion of our network infrastructure that was operating below acceptable thresholds. We have redirected connections to alternate infrastructure and confirm that the issue has been resolved,” Redmond tweeted.