Ophelia Nichols obituary and dead, Whats happened to Mama Tot? cause of death

My heart just broke I love this lady Ms Ophelia Nichols aka Mama Tot she has no hate in her body what’s so ever, her son was murdered last night and the killer still on the loose! He was just 19 years old today being his birthday!

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Ophelia Nichols aka “Shoelover99” is known for many things. With a massive following of 5 million followers, she continues to stand out, but she’s not just your typical influencer or creator. She has been the wife of husband Derick Nichols of nearly 16 years and the mother of their four children aged 24, 21, 19 and 18. She was as South as they came, born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, by the river.

Life wasn’t always smooth sailing for her growing up. Her father died when she was 13 and left home when she was 16. She continued to raise her children until she felt it was time to return to work.

She began a 15-year career in furniture sales and found that connecting with people was her greatest gift. She has never met strangers. During the pandemic, like many others, she joined titkok and quickly discovered the need for a love that would spread across the globe.

Despite all the struggles that early life brought her, that didn’t stop her from choosing to be better over pain. She shares stories on her platform every day, giving hope and touching the lives of so many who just need a friend, a listening ear, and even a mother figure in their lives.

She is real, honest, and continues to have honest relationships with the community that created her. She calls it her “safe place.” Her account has now grown to 5 million followers and has been increasing in a year and a half.

She calls her followers her “Tatertots,” which she feels is a pet name. Although no longer in furniture sales, she is now focused on giving as much time, love and kindness as possible to anyone who gets in her way and finds her “safe place” on social media.

She loves to make people smile and laugh and most importantly make them feel welcome. On her social media platforms, you can see life stories, comedies, product reviews and more ways to connect with her. She is a big shoe collector, hence the name shoeover99, and will drop anything for boating and fishing.

She will always be a southern girl. She just appeared in episode 108 of Jay Leno’s new show You Bet Your Life and the music video for Fist if Five in January 2022. She also has a podcast called Tot Talks, which focuses on mental health. .You can find her on Tiktok, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram for her everyday sweet southern beauty.