Orylan1999 leaked onlyf twitter, What Do We Know About Orylan1999

What do we know about Orylan1999 and who is she?

Orylan, from Victoria, Texas, USA, is a well-known Instagram influencer, model, media personality, stripper and social media personality. She is nationally known for her unique body art and physique. She is covered in tattoos and body piercings. She also has tattoos on her eyes.

She is a social media star who often shares her stunning Instagram photos. Orylan also uses her OnlyFans account to share explicit and intimate photos of her with her followers.

Orylan1999: Who is she?

Orylan performs in a strip club and earns money as a stripper. She received her primary education at a nearby school. She apparently graduated from high school in 2017 with a high school diploma from a recognized high school. She later moved to Houston, where she attended college to advance her nursing degree, entirely for her father’s benefit. However, Orylan found it boring and dropped out of school without his father’s approval.

Parents and grandparents who loved Orylan Sith were present. She also spent a lot of time with her grandparents before moving to Houston. Her interview revealed that her parents did not live together and that her father had a bad relationship with a woman. As a result, she moved to a new apartment and left her father’s house.

Reddit discussion with Orylan1999

In February 2022, Orylan rose to fame after an exclusive interview with YouTube channel Soft White Underbelly. She talks about her upbringing and what inspired all of her tattoo ambitions.

She has tattoos all over Aurelan’s body. She has tattoos and decorations all over her body. She also has multiple tongue and facial piercings. Also, she has tattoos on her eyeballs.

Although often described as a terrifying demon, she loves her body. She said she lives alone and loves her job. The tattooed woman spoke at length about their relationship. She was in a relationship with a guy for three years, I can tell you. We don’t know the identity of the man she was dating, who was between 18 and 21 years old. Smith admitted her marriage was not a happy one.

Her partner abused her verbally and physically. He also advised her not to get tattoos and then persuaded her to put his name on it. In 2021, she separated from her boyfriend. She is currently single and is primarily focused on maintaining her current lifestyle.

Orylan1999’s real name and age

She shares her entire identity as Orylan Smith on her personal Facebook profile. She didn’t say when she was born, but her birthday is always in April. She is said to be 23 now.

According to her interview, she was born in Victoria, Texas, USA in 1999. When she graduated high school, she and her father moved to Houston, Texas, USA, where they have lived ever since. She was also a Christian since childhood. She is an American citizen and white.