Ouncie Mitchell Obituary, Demetrius Omar Lateef Allen dead shooting

Because of this, Ouncie’s mother, Laquita, almost went mad when he decided to put her 2-year-old son in the lamb wrecking contest.

“Are you crazy?” Teaspoon remembered saying. “You know what you just did? You screwed everything up because I didn’t want him to ride the bull.”

Ouncie’s debut ended with him wetting his pants on the court, Ouncie recalls with a laugh, but that was the beginning of the 25-year-old’s obsession with being a cowboy.

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The Fresno, Texas, cowboy finally turned pro at age 18 and reached the pinnacle of the sport when he won the 2019 PBR World Finals as the Velocity Tour wild card champion.

On his way to the pros, Ouncie often competes in bull riding competitions such as: B. Bill Pickett Invitational, where his father was one of the bullfighters.

It happened again last weekend in Las Vegas, when the Cowboy protected his son as the teaspoon lay on the ground, watching him advance to the bonus round of the 37th annual Bill Pickett Invitational with 76 points.