Oye Kyme leaked sextape video full leaked, Bobrisky’s PA OYE KYME VIDEO twitter and reddit full

Hello everyone, a very controversial sex video of Oye Kyme, the former personal assistant of the famous Nigerian transgender character Bobrisky, started circulating on the internet and she is now openly crying about the situation. On her Instagram, she began writing that she never thought such a video would become so popular in her own country that he or she couldn’t even get out of the car. Such films are irritating and have an unpleasant effect on the mentality of celebrities.

Many admirers and their followers have expressed their support for the state of affairs, which they see as one of the worst mistakes of my life. This is a very unfortunate factor, in this fashionable world of social media crime, such accusations and crimes are rampant these days. She did not reveal any information about the video’s maker and will likely file a complaint against him. This was not a racketeering case and he or she did not discuss anything involving racketeering or cash extortion.

Oye Kyme opens up about her leaked video that went viral on Twitter

Crossdresser Bobrisky’s personal assistant, Oye Kyme, just decided a few days ago that it was time for her to try something new. Little did Oye Kyme, who was partying with Bobrisky as her sidekick, know she’d be back in the spotlight, and it’s never been seen before after her leaked six tapes with rapper Lil Wayne leaked onto the internet.

Oye Kyme ex PA of Bobrisky’s full leaked video with Lil Wayne goes viral on Twitter with download link

The video, which went viral on Twitter, Reddit and Telegram, quickly spread like wildfire. The video shows her and Lil Wayne using the full tape download link. Oye Kyme, who was born on July 20 and is in her 20s, went on to say it was one of the worst moments of her life after the leak.

Oye Kyme, known for his obsession with Bobrisky, had him tattoo her thigh after he claimed he would fly her to Nigeria and give her $1 million. Maybe now she can cover it up with tattoos from a leaked sex tape.