Ozzy Osbourne entered the WWE Hall of Fame; a day later it generates controversy

The artist Ozzy Osbourne He was recognized by WWE for his participation in the world of wrestling and this Tuesday he was inducted into the Hall of Fame; However, a day later it generated a strong controversy for animal abuse.

Osbourne entered the “Celebrity Wing” of the company’s Hall of the Immortals in class 2021, where people like William Shatner (also inducted this year), Mike Tyson, Mr. T, Snoop Dog and even the former president Donald trump.

This for their participation in WrestelMania 2, where I accompany the ring to The British Bulldogs, in addition to having guest appearances in RAW and WCW in subsequent years.

WWE usually recognizes celebrities from time to time in its Hall of Fame, mainly those who have had some participation in the company and this year it was Ozzy Osburne and William Shatner.

Ozzy Osbourne creates controversy over animal abuse

However, in a short time the 72-year-old artist was able to speak in a good way. Well the rock star confessed that during the pandemic he has killed birds and cats trying to cross his garden, which he found a lot of fun.

When I am at home, I worry that I will never be able to walk properly. When I first started this, I couldn’t shoot. Now there are cats, dead birds every minute “

He said in a radio interview when he spoke about his Parkinson’s problem.

Immediately social networks exploded against and criticized him, accusing him of “repulsive”; There were even those who asked that the distinction that WWE gave him yesterday be withdrawn.

Despite having several pets, Ozzy Osbourne has gotten into several controversies with animals, starting with the famous bite he took from a bat, whose head was ripped off in 1982.

However, in January 2020 he participated in PETA’s campaign against the removal of claws from cats. But after this confession they have accused him of being a hypocrite.

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