Pablo Armando Fernández Cuban writer dead – Cause of death

The death of the extraordinary Cuban writer Pablo Armando Fernández caused a great impact in Cuban intellectual circles.

The institution, national and international media, journalists and followers of the work of this outstanding and beloved poet were shown on Twitter after his unexpected departure.

The Cuban Ministry of Culture expressed its condolences to the family and friends who won the 1996 National Literary Award after hearing the tragic news.

Likewise, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba regrets the death of this outstanding writer and expresses its deepest condolences to family and friends.

The Hermanos Saíz Association recognized Pablo Armando Fernández as an outstanding intellectual, poet, novelist, translator of Anglo-Saxon poetry, essayist and playwright.

Casa de las Américas believes that “dear Pablo Armando Fernández has made one last trip”.

At the same time, the poet and patriot Teresa Mello thanked him for his extraordinary life, “The Prince of Poetry, Pablo Armando Fernández. May the love of so many people accompany you, the one you love so much. A warm hug from you once: loyalty and loyalty. Goodbye … “

Nerida López Labrada, dean of the National Theater of Cuba, said the bad news shocked the national culture.

Martha Mesa Valenciano, president of the Commission for Education, Culture, Science, Technology and Environment of the National Congress of People’s Power, said on behalf of her commission that she had joined “the death of the great Cuban poet Pablo Armando Fernández . Pain”. , The beloved writer ».

Juan Carlos Santana Molina, deputy director of the Cuban Book Institute, said today that he is in mourning.

The journalist and writer Iroel Sánchez lamented the death of Pablo Armando Fernández, calling him “a great poet and a good man.”

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