Pack of Arierayy and leaked – Who is Arierayy?

Arierayy (23 years old) is an Instagram user and has 25,000 followers on this social network. He usually talks about sports and is a big fan of his cats. He studied as a veterinary assistant and currently works as a kitchen assistant in a restaurant.

MRandom News Pack of Arierayy and leaked - Who is Arierayy?

I’ve been using social media for a long time, about 10 or 11 years ago I started using Twitter and I already have a lot of fans. A year ago, I started dating a youtuber boy, thanks to more people starting to follow me, but I never considered him as an Instagram user.

I don’t think he’s an Instagram user because I talk about many things, I talk about sports, I talk about animals … Now I have a group of people following me and I talk about everything with them.

I didn’t want to talk for a few days, so I said it as it is. I think I contributed a grain of sand as something natural to social networks. This is everyday life on Instagram.

Now I go back to Muay Thai. I started doing this in December and I really like it. I have been doing sports since I was a child, now I started to learn physical training in September, and I am 100% focused on sports, I like it a lot.

In summer, the pressure to have a perfect body increases. What do you want to say to those who criticize irregular bodies?
“You can’t compare yourself to the girl who appeared on television in the magazine, because after all, she was edited.”

First of all, I don’t know what is normal. The normal body is not defined, and in the end you always compare yourself to those with non-existent canon. You cannot compare yourself to the girl who appeared on TV in the magazine, because in the end she has retouched photos, she has angles, she has lights and she is ready … even if you do the same routine as a girl who comes in. The cannon will not be the same as him or her.

In the end there is always that kind of pressure, I think it is very dangerous, because in the end we hide our body, it is a very natural thing, we should be super normalized, because it is not suitable for things that do not really exist. She is looking for perfection that she has never seen before. I had never seen a publicist or a publicist on the street, if I had met him it would not be as idyllic as on social networks or television.

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